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The Wise Legacy: The Biography Of Franklin & Marshall College Government Professor Sid Wise
The Wise Legacy: The Biography Of Franklin & Marshall CollegeGovernment Professor Sid Wise

The Wise Legacies

Those who were influenced by Sid Wise are a "Who's Who" of government, business, academia, the entertainment industry and more. Among the persons interviewed for and included in The Wise Legacy are the following:


  • Debra Amper-Kahn, City of Philadelphia Secretary of Education
  • Douglas Arpert, Federal Court Magistrate
  • Jonathan Blyth, Congressional Chief of Staff
  • Stanley Brand, Chief Counsel to “Tip” O’Neill
  • John Buchanan, Editor/Publisher of The Christian Century
  • Judge Ronald Buckwalter, Federal Court Judge
  • Dan Cohen, Mr. Film
  • Earl Devaney, The Man Every President Trusted to Eliminate Corruption
  • Judge Paula Dow, New Jersey Superior Court Judge, Former N.J. Attorney General
  • Kenneth Duberstein, Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff
  • Harold Dunbar, Deputy Attorney General for Pennsylvania
  • Darrell Dwyer, Mental Health Counselor
  • Joel Ervin, F&M Government Department Secretary
  • Maria Falco, Academic Colleague
  • Robert Friedrich, F&M Government Professor
  • Alan Glazer, F&M Business Professor
  • H. William Gray, Congressman, Chair of the United Negro College Fund
  • Robert Gray, F&M Government Professor
  • George Harad, CEO Office Max
  • Nanine Hartzenbusch, Photo Journalist
  • Joseph Karlesky, F&M Government Professor
  • Barry Kasinitz, Lobbyist
  • Harvey Klehr, Emory University Professor of History
  • Richard Kneedler, F&M President
  • Pauline Leet, Colleagus Who Created the Word “Sexist”
  • William (Bill) R. Lloyd, Jr., Pennsylvania State Representative
  • John Martino, Director of the U.S. Mint
  • Kenneth Mehlman, Republican Party Chairman
  • Stanley Michalak, F&M Government Professor
  • Rose Musser, F&M Government Department Secretary
  • Sanford Pinsker, F&M English Professor
  • John C. Pittenger, Colleague, Pa. Secretary of Education, Elected Official
  • Jon Plebani, Congressional Chief of Staff
  • Richard Plepler, CEO, Home Box Office (HBO)
  • Mary Schapiro, Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Daniel J. Siegel, Attorney
  • Judge D. Brooks Smith, Federal Appeals Court Judge
  • James Spencer, F&M Chemistry Professor
  • David Stameshkin, F&M Professor
  • Judge Lawrence Stengel, Federal Court Judge
  • D. Grief Stephenson, Jr., F&M Government Professor
  • John H. Vanderzell, F&M Government Professor
  • Mark Weinheimer, Community Development Specialist
  • David Wise, Sid Wise’s Son